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Hospitality venues like hotels, convention centers, museums, stadiums, and entertainment facilities each pose their own unique requirements and challenges. When designing the surveillance camera systems, we consider the security of the guests, employees, and the property first and foremost. But that doesn't mean we stop there. Our designs also accommodate guest privacy, protection of the cameras from the elements and vandalism, and power disruptions.

Due to the higher traffic of many hospitality venues, camera placement is a much more important factor than in other commercial locations. These high traffic areas often require multiple camera views from different angles to provide full coverage.

Some additional benefits of a well-designed hospitality surveillance system include:




Additional Surveillance Camera Benefits

Venue Security: A properly designed video surveillance can help keep your guests safe from theft and other criminal activity, aid in monitoring guests and visitors, and help prevent break-ins on the property.

Theft Prevention: Security cameras can help keep intruders out of restricted areas like swimming pools, gyms, event venues, and employee areas where theft is common. A surveillance system in restricted areas can also help uncover potential employee theft.

Remain Competitive: A professional video surveillance system provides guests with peace of mind which can increase your return business and help you remain competitive in an aggressive market.

Remote Monitoring: A NVR (Network Video Recorder) provides you with the ability to send surveillance footage over the Internet. This enables you to monitor multiple venues at any time from any Internet connection, giving you instant security updates.