Atlanta Project

More of the same hard wired IP cameras over wireless antennas. All our projects can be viewed and managed over the network.

Memphis Project

32CH Hybrid system. We added IP cameras to the existing Hybrid system using point to multi-point wireless antennas.

Nashville Project

This system is a 32 Hybrid system. This has IP and HD over Coax Cameras. The IP cameras are transmiitted over point to multipoint wireless antennas.

Dickie Carr Sand Plant

Dickie Carr Sand Plant was a great job. The starlight cameras look amazing and these cameras are spread out over half a mile.

Overton Park

The Overton Park project is a large apartment complex with multiple buildings. We installed Starlight 3MP Cameras on six different buildings. The night shots show what the starlight feature built in to these cameras.

Cleburne Mini Storage Project

This project is a mini storage facility that has eight detached buildings. The customer wanted to have cameras viewing the entire perimeter with great detail. All the buildings are protected in a fenced area with the office being the only building outside the fence. They wanted the NVR and monitor to be at the main office location. We had to create a wireless muilti point to point connection to all the buildings to insure our network cameras had solid connection to the main NVR. We exceeded the customers expectations with our HD cameras and wireless network that allows them to grow the system as they do.

Code Red Project - Mesh Network
Code Red Project - Wall Mount Camera
Code Red Project - Gate Entry Camera
Code Red Project - Night Image Camera

Madrid Project

This project is a large production and distribution facility. This facility specializes in fresh produce ad it was important to cover the entire production room. We installed several high quality network cameras to oversee the production line and employees. The manager also wanted a centralized Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera to maintain quality control. The PTZ also made it easy to count and track product as well as oversee employees day to day operations and safety. Another area of importance is the end line distribution of the product. Most of his product stays in a cold storage until it is ready to be loaded by forklift to delivery trucks for final destination. They felt that is was important to see their product being loaded on every delivery truck to ensure that all product had been properly handled and maintained. Each and every loading dock had HD cameras strategically placed to see deep into the delivery vehicle. Our system was designed to also include the employees entry and exits as well as parking lot and perimeter coverage. We appreciate working with Claudio Madrid on this project, he had a good vision of what he wanted and together we accomplished his goal. This project is a great example of how a surveillance system can help with business management.

Pictures of this project coming soon.

Here are Pictures from other projects.

Code Red Project - Apartment Front Cam
Code Red Project - Apartment Pool Cam
Code Red Project - Storage Hall Shot